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We have had the amazing opportunity, to work with Tamzin and the Bizxnet team over the last year, with nothing but high praise for the level of service they have given us at Afriversity , Thank you Team Bizxnet and keep up awesome work.

Athan Al Malambo
Jan 12, 2012


Monday, 05 December 2016 10:47 administrator
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I remember it clearly, it was hot summer's day just out of Paarl at our little hideaway called Pearl Valley, no before you ask I don't play golf and no we don't have a place at the lavish golf estate. Anyway, after about 1 or 5 G&T's I was tasked with putting G Dogg to sleep, ok wait, that sounds bad. Shireen asked me to take Grayson (Our son) for a walk to get him to sleep. So i plopped him in his stroller and off we went.

On the walk about Mansion after mansion, Ferrari after Lamborghini, Shireen said that she was doing this social media training course, she said it was free and I was like, what, free. WTF! who gives away free shit in this day and age. Immediately my sceptic side came out thinking, what is this, how is it possible, why are people giving away free shit, what has the world come to....

Anyway, I signed up for the course myself but only after I did a full recon mission on Tamzin, whadda ya know, she checked out.

And here I am honing my social media skills and I must say that thus far I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Onwards and upwards we march........

- Shadley Onia


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Whatsapp Group Chat Rules - Purpose Groups.

Thursday, 07 April 2016 09:28 administrator
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The idea of Whatsapp Groups is an excellent idea. Communities are using it for safety and security. Focus groups, counseling groups, sales groups and many others are using it. It's proving to a be an effective communication tool.


However, we will notice that some people exit groups and the main reason for this is that people post random, unnecessary pictures or information that does not pertain to the focus of the group.


Here are some guidelines to keep the groups as effective as possible:

1. Refrain from chatting with a single person. Take that conversation private.

2. Avoid religious and political missions.

3. Don't spam with unnecessary chains and forward messages.

4. Refrain from posting unnecessary things if the group is meant to be a specific one.

5. Refrain from rude behaviour.

6. Don't chat late at night unless there is an emergency.

7. Stick to the purpose!!


Till next time, be safe!


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Top up!

Monday, 10 November 2014 11:29 administrator
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As we tackle the last few weeks of this year let's remember to give it our best shot. I know that this time of the year brings with it exhaustion, lethargy, lack of interest and a little less drive than usual.


Here are a few survival tips for the last few laps:

1. Take care of yourself first. If you are responsible for family, colleagues or friends in anyway remember you can only take care of them if you are happy, healthy and strong.

2. Can the clutter! Mental clutter, physical clutter (like your surroundings), emotional clutter and even social clutter. A cleared out physical, emotional and psychological space always allows us to perform better.

3. Walk, run, jump, swim, gym... Whatever tickles your fancy, you have to do some form of exercise.

4. Top up! Top up with feel good things... You know what usually puts a spring in your step. This could be a healthy, active lifestyle. It could be assisting in areas or charities where needed. It could be quality time with your family, pets, loved ones.

5. Be expectant. You will be surprised at what can present itself in the form of good news this time of the year.

6. And last but not least... work on a new project for next year. Put things in place. Plan. Write about it. Make sure you are steps ahead when 2017 arrives.


Here's to the next few weeks. May we be blessed with great surprises and let's cross the hurdles with ease!


Have an awesome week!


Tamzin Martin

"Remember your dreams are as hungry as your demons. Make sure you're feeding the right ones." Quote

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