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Thank you so much for the time you spent with the Cape Chamber of Commerce staff. The feedback from the team has been very positive and the levels of energy around our new comms strategy is at an all time high. I would happily recommend your course to other businesses and organisations who are looking to embark on an integrated marketing and...

Bronwen Kausch
Jan 13, 2012

The integration of your social media sites and your website

Thursday, 05 December 2013 13:57 administrator
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Don't forget #TipsWithTamzin. Speak to me via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or the website

Here's my question to you today. Do you think social media sites and your website have to be integrated? My answer to that question is yes. Lets first make sure we understand the difference between social media sites and websites. Social media sites are online sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram.  These sites represent your business, but it allows you to be very brief. Your  website is an online site for your business where an interested party can land to read more about your business. You can have as much information as possible.

Now how do we go about integrating the social media sites and website? Firstly your branding needs to have the same look and feel. When people move from your website to your social media sites the same logo and branding needs to be seen. The bio's or 'about us' sections should be the same or similar. As mentioned earlier more can be said on a website, whereas condensed versions due to limited character usage can used on the social media sites. Make sure that your social media buttons such as the F for Facebook, the T for Twitter and the LinkedIn button are on every page on your website and preferably in the top right hand corner. The reason for this position is that when people land on your website this is the part of the page that is seen first. The reason for placing buttons on every page on the website is that sometimes people are directed to a specific page on your website via another site, for eg the contact us page or the products or services page. The buttons therefore need to be seen on every page. These buttons should also be direct click through's to the sites.

On the social media sites when completing the sign up process, they all ask for website information, make sure your website address is correct. When doing updates and you would like to get the audience to read more you will add the URL of your website in the status update. This URL should be the link to the exact page that the article or promotion is on. For eg, if you are punting an event on your social media sites and you want the audience to read more about the event and book the event via the events page on your website then your link should be the link that allows them to land directly on the events page and not on the homepage.

Try to include your website in 80% of the updates that you do on your social media platforms. A good exercise would be to ask your web administrator for the stats of a month before you started your social media campaign and every month thereafter so that you can measure the impact of integrating your social media platforms and website.


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Clean up! Show up! Speak up!

Monday, 18 November 2013 09:54 administrator
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Today I have a huge request and my request goes out to all the students out there. It's that time of the year, you are studying real hard, no matter which grade you are in you are working hard to get to the next level. For many this is the final year year and on that note I'd like to wish all matriculants all the best with their final exams. Matriculants when it comes to your plans for 2014 you are either studying further or you are going to work, some will be travelling and then there's that something called a gap year which I have no intention of elaborating on. For those of you that are going to be studying or working, my plea today is that you clean up your online profile, get rid of dirty laundry on your profiles. I can assure you that for whichever job you will be applying your recruiter will most definitely Google you.  Do the exercise yourself, google yourself and see what pops up. Go into your photos and clean up those albums. If you are studying there are opportunities to apply for bursaries. Again, your sponsors will Google you to see exactly who is this individual that they are investing in.


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Beating Bloggers Block by Tamzin Martin

Friday, 25 October 2013 07:27 administrator
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Hey Cape Town! We are fast approaching the end of the year. Don't slack on your social media activity. In fact you may have even more things to update and post about about. Keep the conversation going and hashtag #TipsWithTamzin to contribute or ask any questions about social media.

Today I am going to speak about beating bloggers block. Firstly let's just clarify what blogging is. A blog is a site on the World Wide Web, where discussions, articles or opinions are posted. A blogpost is the article that you publish on a blog. If you have a website add blogs as a tab in the menu that usually has home, about us, services, contact us. Do not create a separate site for your blog if it can be linked to your website and is relevant to your website. Your main landing space should always be your website.

I won't sugar coat this activity called blogging. It is a high maintenance tool, however it is a powerful tool for business. The key to blogging is content and consistency. Remember your strategy... Plan your content, look at what's happening in your business or life for the next month or two, what is happening in South Africa, what is happening in Cape Town. Read whats happening online, what is your audience talking or asking about. When you take all of this into account you will come up with content that's relevant and current. Blogposts do not have to be long. In fact short posts are much appreciated and could attract more attention as people are just too busy to read long articles. There are books for those who have the time to place their lives on hold for an hour or two. Most of my blogposts short. I use an introduction, I often use bullet points in the body and I have a conclusion. This is my style and I prefer writing this way because I am a reader who likes to read short posts.

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